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Hans Zimmer Live On Tour (Shows) Dodano dnia 14.03.2016

Hans Zimmer - German composer and record producer. 

FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland Dodano dnia 25.02.2016

Fashion Week Poland, which is held regularly, twice a year in Łódź, and presents the trends for the next half-year's season.

Night of the Proms - 12th of March 2016 Dodano dnia 04.01.2016

Atlas Arena will be the host of the international cycle Night of the Proms. On Saturday, March 12 in Lodz will include the Zucchero, Lisa Stansfield and Simple Minds.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in Atlas Arena - 18th of March Dodano dnia 04.01.2016

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will perform in Atlas Arena Łódź on 18th of March 2016.

Peter Pan on Ice. 17th of December, Atlas Arena. Dodano dnia 16.12.2015

If you're not into talking teacups and hairy beasts but are dying to see something on ice, Peter Pan is another option to consider. The classic story of the little boy who didn't want to grow up, the fearsome Captain Hook, and the scantily-dressed Tinkerbell is here in a beautifully choreographed version with fantastic music composed by Silvio Amato.

Moscow City Ballet - Swan Lake. 6th of December, The Grand Theatre. Dodano dnia 26.11.2015

This timeless and well-known performance, with its costumes, music, and fantastic story that has been choreographed so flawlessly, needs no introduction. It is with dexterity and perfection that the dancers of the Moscow City Ballet bring Peter Tchaikovsky's fantasy “Swan Lake” back to life once more. Briefly, the story is of girls that have been turned into swans and live on a lake of tears - a curse that can only be broken by a prince's love. But even if you know the story, the world class performance by the Moscow City Ballet is enough reason to attend a second time.