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TOTO in Łódź - 25 June 2013 Dodano dnia 11.05.2013

Toto concert is undoubtedly the biggest musical event for all who create and love music. After speaking with members of the bandToto, we're talking about the most important musical events in recent decades. Hits that make up the canon of music, musicianshipwhich resulted in recordings of the pantheon of true greats of rock,blues, pop and soul and enduring popularity over the years are the hallmarks of the team.

IRON MAIDEN visits Łódź - 3 July 2013 Dodano dnia 11.05.2013

MAIDEN ENGLAND TOUR marks the third chapter of History of IronMaiden. First launched in 2004 from The Early Days DVD, which was the route followed Early Days Tour in 2015Another, the second is related to the published in 2008, Live After Death DVD andgroundbreaking project team: Somewhere Back In Time World Tour2008/9, which was watched by over two million fans in more than 40countries on five continents. The team moved on tour private Boeing757, named Ed Force Onepiloted by lead singer Bruce Dickinsonand the route was recorded on DVD "Flight 666".

Eric Clapton - Concert 7th June 2013 Dodano dnia 25.01.2013

Celebrating fifty years of work musician, Eric Clapton announced - in the wake of the recent announcement of dates in the UK - concerts in Europe in 2013.

Invitation from the International Lodz Fairs - Callendar of events 2013 Dodano dnia 24.01.2013

For 2013 the International Lodz Fairs has prepared a wide choice of fair events. This year the prestigious and well-established fairs will be accompanied by some new events such as the Polish Army - A Chance for Entrepreneurship Convention, the Quartermasters’ Fairs and the Trade Fairs for Technical Textiles.

Promotion of "Privateering" album of Mark Knopfler - 8th May 2013 Dodano dnia 24.01.2013

Mark Knopfler, the Lifetime Achievement Award winner, starts his world tour in 2013 promoting the recent album “Privateering”, in stores on 3 September 2012.

The Atlas Arena in Łódź will host one of the planned concerts on 8th May 2013.

"I love Italia" - Festival of Italian music - 9th March 2013 Dodano dnia 24.01.2013

The Great festival of Italian music “I love Italia” will make its Polish debut on Saturday, 9 March 2013, at the Atlas Arena.

Toto Cutugno, Ricchi e Poveri and Drupi will perform during the first edition of the festival.

Valentine's Day Concert in Atlas Arena - 16th February 2013 Dodano dnia 24.01.2013

On Saturday, 16 February 2013, an amazing concert will take place at the Atlas Arena, for the first time in Poland starring two incredible artists: Thomas Anders & the Modern Talking band and Sandra.

Piotrkowska iluminated! Dodano dnia 11.12.2012 , autor: Małgorzata Kubiak

Since last week Piotrkowska Street looks wonderful!

In Łódź like in... fairry-tale! Dodano dnia 27.11.2012 , autor: Anna Matuszyńska

Three Bears is the next statue on Łódź Fairry-tale Route. Kuba, Bartek and Misia started their own film carrier due to "Se-ma-for" Film Studio in Łódź. The author of statue is Marcin Mielczarek. 

Do you like us on Facebook? Dodano dnia 14.11.2012 , autor: Małgorzata Kubiak

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