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"Disney on ice" in Atlas Arena - 10th-11th November Dodano dnia 26.10.2015

Disney On Ice invites you on a journey into the world of imagination starring your favorite Disney characters. Join Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Daisy on a trip to the world of timeless Disney classics: "The Lion King," "The Little Mermaid," "Peter Pan" and the Academy Award-winning and BAFTA Award-winning animated film of all time. "Land of Ice ".

Soundedit Festival - 22-24th of October in Wytwórnia Club Dodano dnia 20.10.2015

The International Festival of Music Producers and Sound Designers will be celebrating the motto “I Am the Sound” for the 7th time. As always, the last weekend of October will get loud, with artists like Sir Bob Geldof, Deep Purple's Roger Glover, and Wojciech Waglewski with Voo Voo and guests.

Concert of Chris Botti - 25th of October, Wytwórnia Club Dodano dnia 20.10.2015

American smooth jazz trumpeter and Grammy award winner Chris Botti evidently likes visiting Poland, having toured here eight or so times before - welcome back. Throughout his career he's collaborated with Sting, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Diana Krall, Rod Stewart, and countless others, while Andrea Bocelli, Mark Knopfler, and Vince Gill are all featured on his (newest) 2012 album Impressions.

Lodz Design Festival - 8th - 18th October Dodano dnia 15.10.2015

Lodz Design Festival stands for ideas, people and action. Founded in 2007, it has served from the very beginning as a review of Polish design achievements. The festival programme has continued to expand upon the ongoing dialogue with the audience, to finally assume its current shape.

Nickelback in Atlas Arena Łódź -13th October Dodano dnia 05.10.2015

Multi-platinum selling rock band Nickelback are set to embark on a massive headlining tour in 2015 in support of their eighth full-length studio album, No Fixed Address. They will perform in Łódź on 13th October.

Concert of Dianne Reeves. 14th of October, Wytwórnia Club. Dodano dnia 05.10.2015

Dianne Reeves, winner of the 2015 Grammy for Best Jazz Vocal Album, will be performing alongside musicians Peter Martin, Romero Lubambo, Reginald Veal and Terreon Gully at the Wytwórnia Club. The audience will enjoy listening to her greatest hits alongside her newest songs, with famous covers, all from her new award-winning album "Beautiful Life". 

The International Festival of Comics and Games. 3-4 October 2015, Atlas Arena. Dodano dnia 23.09.2015

The International Festival of Comics and Games has been organized since 1991 and became the biggest comics event in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe. Until 1998 it functioned as the Polish Convention of Comics Artists. Above all, the festival is a place where comics & electronic interactive media creators and fans can meet. The 25th edition of the festival in the Atlas Arena was visited by nearly 20 000 people

Lecture „Picturing people with disabilities” – 9th of October, 2015. Faculty of Philology. Dodano dnia 23.09.2015

Lecture of Professor Rosemarie Garland-Thomson from Emory Uniwersity, USA.

Light.Move.Festival.Łódź - 9th – 11th October Dodano dnia 31.08.2015

Light.Move.Festival.Łódź is a cultural and artistic event, which shows the city of Łódź in extraordinarily special way and presents its buildings, areas and spaces in a different light.

Urbanator Days 2015 in Łódź (30th september – 2 october) Dodano dnia 31.08.2015

Michał Urbaniak invites you for the 8th Edition of the Urbanator Days.

We invite all music lovers who want to play music no matter what genre and style. Urbanator Days is a perfect and a must-to-be place for all amateurs, students, talented and gifted people regardless education and musical engagement. Feel like playing, singing, dancing? Let`s do it together.