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Urbanator Days 2015 in Łódź (30th september – 2 october) Dodano dnia 31.08.2015

Michał Urbaniak invites you for the 8th Edition of the Urbanator Days.

We invite all music lovers who want to play music no matter what genre and style. Urbanator Days is a perfect and a must-to-be place for all amateurs, students, talented and gifted people regardless education and musical engagement. Feel like playing, singing, dancing? Let`s do it together.

Filmteractive Festival. 23-24 September 2015 in Lodz Dodano dnia 31.08.2015

Filmteractive is an international two-day event devoted to innovative audiovisual content - interactive film, crossmedia / transmedia, and branded content. It consists of Filmteractive Conference, Filmteractive Market, and Filmteractive Festival.

Performance "The Haunted Manor" in the Łódź Opera. 23th and 26th of September Dodano dnia 31.08.2015

The Haunted Manor was the first opera presented in the Łódź Opera. On the 60th anniversary of this event, we have decided to stage Moniuszko's opera once again in our theater. We believe that every opera house in Poland should have this piece in its repertoire. The Haunted Manor is a great Polish opera, which combines Polish music tradition with motifs taken from the Italian comic opera.

DADA Impulse. Egidio Marzona Collection - exhibition in MS1 Museum, Więckowskiego St. no. 36 Dodano dnia 10.08.2015

Exhibition open until 23 August 2015.

Free admission.

25-31 of August. Commemoration Of The 70th Anniversary Of The Liquidation Of The Litzmanstadt Ghetto Dodano dnia 10.08.2015
11-12 July. Lodz Street Food Festiwal - Piotrkowska Street no. 217 Dodano dnia 28.06.2015

The next edition of Lodz Street Food Festival in front of us!
We propose to spend this weekend on Piotrkowska 217. As always, there will be a large selection of great food – you can eat in restaurants and food trucks from across the Poland.
This time you will have a chance to try different street food meals. Price does not exceed 5 zł.

16th of July. Concert - Charles Lloyd in Wytwórnia Club. Dodano dnia 28.06.2015

Charles Lloyd (born March 15, 1938 in Memphis, Tennessee) is an American jazz musician. Though he primarily plays tenor saxophone and flute, he has occasionally recorded on other reed instruments, including alto saxophone and the Hungarian tárogató.
Lloyd's working band since 2007 features pianist Jason Moran, bassist Reuben Rogers, and drummer Eric Harland.

Geyer Music Factory in White Factory. 3th of July – 28th of August Dodano dnia 28.06.2015

Concerts in White Factory.
Ticket available in cash desk.
Price – 15 zloty.
Open air koncert.
Entrance form Piotrkowska Street, from 8.00 p.m.

On 26th and 27th of June. Tinctorial workshops in Art_Inkubator. Dodano dnia 23.06.2015

During the workshops participants will create their own and unique patterns on T-shirts using a "shibori" tinctorial method.

Where is the herring? Czyli łódzki śledzik. 27th of June in Park Staromiejski. Dodano dnia 23.06.2015

Łódzki Śledzik / Where is the herring? ist the new event in Lodz. On June 27, in hours: 4.00 P.M.-9.00 P.M. we are inviting you to join us and to enjoy a day full of good music, delicious multicultural food, workshops and other attractions and activities!