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24th of April - Fashion Revolution Day in Art_Inkubator Dodano dnia 28.04.2015
Madama Butterfly in Great Theatre Dodano dnia 18.04.2015

The piece shows a story of a woman who is an outcast among her people because of a feeling, which robs her of her identity.

9th of April - Anathema in Klub Wytwórnia - concert Dodano dnia 27.03.2015

Anathema are a British rock band from Liverpool. The line-up consists of singers and guitarists Vincent and Daniel Cavanagh, their brother Jamie Cavanagh at bass, siblings John and Lee Douglas, respectively drummer and singer, and keyboardist Daniel Cardoso since November 2012.

8th of April - Steven Wilson in Klub Wytwórnia - concert "Hand erase cannot tour" Dodano dnia 27.03.2015

Former leader of Porcupine Tree and Grammy nominee Steven Wilson is currently pursuing a solo career, with three albums released since 2008 and a fourth one titled Hand. Cannot.

17th of April - Room 94 - concert in Luka Club Dodano dnia 27.03.2015

North London pop-rock band Room 94 formed in 2007, when the members were still in high school, and eventually built up an online fanbase solid enough to start touring around the UK and the rest of Europe.

2nd of April Holy Week Concert in Great Theatre Dodano dnia 27.03.2015

Holy Weekn Concert has become a beautiful musical tradition in Łódź. Masterpieces of the most distinguished authors help us to concentrate and reflect upon the Holy Week.

29th March 2015 - "VIOLETTA LIVE” concert in Atlas Arena. Dodano dnia 25.03.2015

During the concert, "Violetta Live" will feature members of the cast of the Martina Stoessel, who plays the title Violetta.

21st of March, Night of the proms - "Classic meets Pop" in Atlas Arena Dodano dnia 29.01.2015

Classic Meets Pop is a combination of classical music with pop music. Well-known and popular songs are sung to the accompaniment of a full symphony orchestra in a rich setting of light effects.

13th of March, Concert of Al Di Meola in Wytwórnia Club Dodano dnia 29.01.2015

Al Di Meola is an acclaimed American jazz fusion and Latin jazz guitarist, composer, and record producer of Italian origin (from Cerreto Sannita).

16th of March. Concert "Magical Hollywood" in Musical Theatre Dodano dnia 29.01.2015

Singer-actress Grażyna Brodzińska and her guests prefer to focus on the good that’s come out of the motion picture industry: the incredible wealth of musical hits.