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18. Explorers Festival, 17-19 November

Added 21.10.2016

We had the honour of playing host to Reinhold Messner, professor Bertrand Piccard, Sir Edmund Hillary, Sir Christian Bonington, Don Walsh, Martin Strel, Borge Ousland, Liv Arnesen, Fiona Thornewill. Michael Brown, Lynn Hill, Chris Sharma, Martin Strel, Kurt Albert, Diego Azubel, Norman Kent, among other outstanding figures.

Presentations delivered by the festival guests contribute to better understanding of the inner drive that is present in everyone. Our guests tackle a question of human limits and a sense of searching them. Meeting and talking with outstanding explorers is, especially for young people who only start to shape their attitude to the surrounding world, crucial in learning about a new, different and beautiful dimension of life. Explorers Festival corresponds to people's interests and fascinations. It reminds them how valuable close contact with the nature is, it promotes active lifestyle, inflames passions, triggers sensitivity and openness to another person, provides opportunity to meet people of different nations living in different environment and of different interests as well as promotes nature conservation.

Participation of our quests in the festival is very important, because it is message to young people i.e. "dream, live interesting life and protect our planet for future generations".

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