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Urbanator Days 2015 in Łódź (30th september – 2 october)

Added 31.08.2015

Michał Urbaniak invites you for the 8th Edition of the Urbanator Days.

We invite all music lovers who want to play music no matter what genre and style. Urbanator Days is a perfect and a must-to-be place for all amateurs, students, talented and gifted people regardless education and musical engagement. Feel like playing, singing, dancing? Let`s do it together.
The meetings will be led by famous Urbanator musicians. Urbanator is a Michał Urbaniak`s international project. Involved in the projects are such individualities as Femi Temowo, Otto Williams, Troy Miller, Paul Stacey, Janek Smoczyński, Marcin Pospieszalski , Xantone Blacq.
Urbanator Days is an innovative and unique educational event. It provides better knowledge and opportunities than any other school or course.
We are open for all kinds of improvisation and surprises.
Musicians invited by Michał Urbaniak will show you what is important on the stage, how to listen and concentrate, what to do if.... Well, ask them, whatever you like.

Urbanator Days is a common performing, improvising, ideas and knowledge exchange. All in the unique atmosphere and creative energy. Visit our website, let us know what instrument you play on and what workshop are you interested in.

If you like to sing or play solo, don`t forget to bring the MP3 file or music script with you!

More info: here