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Performance DON GIOVANNI in Lodz's Opera - premiere 21st November

Added 05.11.2015

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Author of the libretto:
Lorenzo Da Ponte

Is the Rake really punished? He certainly is but do we understand correctly reasons for his punishment? Contemporary directors are tempted to look at Don Giovani through his promiscuity and callous attitude towards women. Yet, the archetype of Mozart’s and Da Ponte’s incorrigible voluptuary was not only the main character of the Molier’s drama, but above all Don Juan from Tirso de Molina’s seventeenth-century play which indeed is a history of a libertine, but also remains strongly embedded in a context of philosophical and religious dispute on faith and punishment, knight’s ethos of that time and equality in death.
In our interpretation, Mozart’s Don Giovanni is above all a lesson on consequences of human behaviour. Question arises whether all crimes committed by Don Giovanni are atrocious enough to condemn him to a death penalty? Do we have the right to condemn Don Giovanni? It’s important to think about it before making one-sided judgement of sinful deceiver from Sevilla. After all Don Giovanni’s philandering is a framework for a far more important intrigue.

It’s impossible to decide what is more brilliant in Mozart’s famous dramma giocoso – splendid music or Lorenzo da Ponte’s masterly libretto. Both elements seem to be organically inseparable. The new production from Łódź is going to emphasize both musical and dramatic qualities of the masterpiece. The stage design attracts with its well-thought-out and consistent formula with modern and symbolic visual side which refers to traditional methods of creating the stage space.