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Added 01.05.2017

FOTOFESTIWAL 2017 1-11th June 2017

We have invited artists who use fiction to comment on the reality. They create new worlds and fake biographies or depict the world that is so strange that it may seem impossible. They deceive, mislead, confuse in order to entangle us into their play, force us to participate rather than just comfortably observe.

This why the main theme of the 16th Fotofestiwal is “Can you imagine?”. We will present the works created by the master of artistic mystification, namely Joan Fontcuberta, subtle (un)true installations by Noémie Goudal and the latest project from the absurd seeker Martin Kollar. The curated exhibition will be prepared by one of the most intriguing artists of the young generation – Augustin Rebetez. His signature features include black birds, human-like creatures and incredible constructions in pure gallery spaces. “Trash cans for hearts and people have no soul. A chorus exhibition curated by Augustin Rebetez” is something more than just a photography exhibition, it is an absolute artistic universe.


festival centre
Tymienieckiego 3

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