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Book Art Museum


24 Tymienieckiego St.
90-349 Łódź

Contact details:

Telephone: (+48) 502 626 466

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Opening hours:

Visits in the museum after making a telephone appointment.


Currently, the Museum of the Artistic Book has one permanent gallery: CdA books and special prints issued under the patronage of the museum. In the future, there will be a gallery showing various types of books: from a Mediaeval manuscript to e-books and artistic books. In more distant future, it is planned to create a gallery of contemporary Polish artists (beginning with the 2nd half of the 20th century).
An extensive experience in issuing CdA books makes it possible to design and create many other unconventional prints that are attractive to customers. They are particularly appreciated by those who look for gifts, expect something new or want to attract attention. A book, a catalogue, an invitation, a card – tailored specifically to the client's need has an individual character.
The charm of original ideas, natural materials, handwork, small numbers of copies, etc. make special prints the object of growing interest. The museum pays particular attention to them, because they constitute a bridge with the surrounding world and are a source of income.

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